228 people, including two Americans, are presumed dead after their plane disappeared.

Air France Flight 447 took off from Rio De Janeiro headed for Paris Sunday night, but four hours in it vanished.

What happened to the plane is a mystery and the lack of information is frustrating for Brazilian Americans here in the northwest.

Including Fernanda Gray. She says; "I have a really good friend that is a flight attendant for Air France and I haven't been able to hear from her so I don't know if she was on that specific flight or not."

Investigators say by all accounts the first four hours of flight 447 were uneventful as the Airbus A-330 made it's way across the Atlantic before dawn Monday Paris local time

Moments later the pilot reported an intense storm with thunder lightning, hail and high winds.

That has fueled speculation that lightning may have brought the plane down, but Seattle aviation analyst John Nance says that is extremely unlikely.

Nance says; "These planes are designed to be hit by lightning all the time and they're not grounded so really the potential for doing any harm is just not there."

Next the plane flew out of radar range. That is routine for a trans-Atlantic flight. Then came a digital message that the plane was experiencing an electrical problem and the plane was never heard from or seen again.

Nance says the pilots could have sent out a mayday with a satellite communication but did not an indication, he says, that whatever happened, happened quickly, possibly a combination of mechanical and weather related issues that caused a catastrophic problem, but, Nance says there is a more sinister possibility.

Nance also says; "A bomb is a possibility and it is. Maybe a 50 - 50 proposition at this point."

Brazilian American Bruno Souza says; "We say in Brazil; no news is good news but in this case no news just increase the frustration."

At Katanda Brazilian Bakery in Redmond Monday afternoon the unanswered questions are the most troubling part of the tragedy.

Souza goes on to say; "It's a big plane and a big crash and it's almost 17 hours and nobody know nothing about that."

John Nance says the only way to figure out exactly what happened to Air France Flight 447 would be to find the black boxes but to do that they must first find the plane.

Search and rescue or recovery ships are heading the area to see if the crash site can be found.