Health Care Reform Party:  Backers Hold Big Blast To Celebrate Passage
Lots of cheers, chants and congratulations filled the air at a Seattle machinists union hall today -- during a celebration of our nation's new health care reform law.

Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, and Representatives Brian Baird and Jay Inslee were among those praising the new law.

Also in attendance and speaking to the enthusiastic crowd: Seattle 5th grader Marcelas Owens, who took up the health care battle after his ailing mother lost her insurance -- and then her life.

"Health reform isn't just about my story," Owens said. "I've always said I don't want another family to go through what we've been through."

Owens' family is active with the Washington Community Action Network, which led the Health Care for America Now campaign and is the host of the celebration.

Senator Murray thanked the crowd for helping to force insurance companies to be more competitive -- and to provide insurance to thousands who previously had none.

"Thanks to you, 800,000 people right here in Washington state are now going to have access to health care they didn't have before."

Senator Cantwell told the crowd of 300 or so health care supporters that the nation needs to drive down health care costs to be competitive.

"And the other side thought that doing nothing was an option," Cantwell said. "We all know we had a choice to move forward to give access and cost-affordable health care to a nation and because of that today you're sitting here at an historical moment."