The man accused of being the getaway driverin the Lakewood police killings has been charged with aggravatedfirst-degree murder, which could carry the death penalty.

Four counts were filed Tuesday against Darcus Allen. He haspleaded not guilty.

Pierce County Superior Court Judge Vicki Hogan ordered the38-year-old Allen held without bail. The prosecution has untilApril 1 to decide whether to seek the death penalty. The only otherpenalty for aggravated murder in Washington is life in prisonwithout parole.

Prosecutors say Allen was a friend of Maurice Clemmons and drovehim to the Forza coffee shop on Nov. 29 where he gunned down fourofficers.

Clemmons was killed two days later in a confrontation with aSeattle police officer.

Six friends or relatives of Clemmons have been charged withrendering criminal assistance.

Allen served time in prison with Clemmons in Arkansas and hasbeen held on a fugitive warrant from Arkansas, where he is accusedof robbery, theft and probation violations.