Do you like your smile? If you don't, you're not alone.

It's something thousands of people are unhappy with...but if you think you're too old, or a mouth full of metal isn't exactly what you had in mind, not to worry. New dental technology is giving both kids and adults more treatment choices.

One of the biggest concerns people have before going through with any type of orthodontic treatment is -- how will I look? With so many new options out there, it's easier than ever to have the smile you wish you were born with.

"I really felt for me, and having a career and being a young professional, i didn't really want to have the traditional metal braces."

At age 28, Kate Peringer decided...she wanted to fix her smile, but she was concerned about what braces would look like, and how they would affect her active lifestyle and career.

"I really didn't want to have the traditional metal braces. I feel like that can give you a juvenile look and it wasn't something I wanted to have."

Dr. Nadine Egger says Kate is like many patients she sees at Egger Orthodontics.

"It's never too late to have braces."

Dr. Egger says it's a misconception that only kids can be treated for crooked or crowded teeth. Today, about 40 percent of her patients are adults.. happy to hear traditional braces have come a long way.

"It's made a huge change in the people who come looking for a healthy smile."

From colored metal, to tooth colored braces, and even clear removable trays -- the choices are endless. She says making over your smile doesn't have to be inconvenient or obvious - and the cost of fixing your teeth has also gone down...

"Lining the teeth with braces, and wires, and Invisalign plastic trays has become much more cost effective and user friendly, not only for the orthodontist but for the patient."

Also, new dental computer software is allowing doctors to show patients the end results before they commit to anything. Dr. Egger says there are no excuses to not have a healthy, perfect set of teeth.

"It's all about the health and maintaining your teeth for life long."

As for Kate, she says her newly made over mouth...makes smiling a lot easier.

"It's really fun to smile and feel confident, about the way my smile face shape... the confidence is great."