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Rocky Hill High School's Twin Valedictorians

The Class of 2013 at Rocky Hill High School does not have a valedictorian, but two: identical twins James and David Wang, 18. Their final grade point average, 3.95, computed back to middle school, ended in a dead heat. The tie, testimony to both academic achievement and sibling rivalry, is only one part their legacy. Sure they participated in sports, extracurriculars, and even started the Mandarin student club. The true measure of their impact, however, will benefit students in years to come. An association James founded two years ago, with his brother's assistance, mobilized fellow students to lobby the community for a new high school. Their efforts, which included a succession of eloquent speeches at a packed community assembly in January 2012, were credited by town leaders as playing a pivotal role in registering young voters and convincing their elders to approve the $45-million project last year after two prior failed referendums.
Patrick Raycraft, The Hartford Courant
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