Video Shows Officer Drinking At Tavern Before His Car Hit, Killed Teen

Henry Dang was riding his bicycle home on Oct. 29, when he was hit by a car at the intersection of Spring and West streets in Windsor Locks. (SHAWN SIENKIEWICZ)

State police also have contacted officials at Johnson Memorial Hospital in Stafford Springs, where Michael Koistinen was taken, to see if any personnel took a blood sample while treating him. Under state law, police have a right with a search warrant to seek the medical records of a driver if the blood was drawn during the normal course of treating that patient.

Sources said it doesn't appear the hospital drew blood.

Investigators can use blood, urine or Breathalyzer tests to determine if a driver was over the legal limit of alcohol consumption at the time of a crash.

Jack Bucior, the owner of the Suffield Tavern, said he is cooperating with the investigation. He had no additional comment.

Dang was riding his bicycle home from a friend's house on West Street when he was hit and killed. Tran said Dang was supposed to get a ride home from his parents or his friend's mother, but decided to ride his bicycle because he was going to need it the next day.

A blue tarp and pylons on Spring Street mark off a long skid mark at the site of the accident. The state police accident reconstruction team visited the site late last week to do their own reconstruction.

Michael Koistinen was traveling west on Spring Street, coming over a little hill leading into the intersection where the crash occurred. There is a posted 35-mile-an-hour speed limit sign as well as a sign that a blind child lives nearby on Spring Street, within a quarter mile of the accident site.

Tran said his family visits the crash site two or three times a day to pray. Tran said that, based on the length of the skid marks, he believes Michael Koistinen was going well over the speed limit.

"If you're a police officer in the town, you should know the roads," Tran said.

State Police Lt. Paul Vance said the investigation is ongoing and he urged anyone who witnessed the accident or has information about it to call state police at 860-685-8190.

"We have interviewed a lot of people and found some witnesses,'' Vance said. "We are making progress with this investigation, but if there is anybody out there who may have information, we ask them to come forward."