Statement From William Petit Sr.

Your son is on his way to the hospitaL..and there are three...deceased in thehouse.

Those seventeen words spoken to me by the chief of police about 11 o'c1ock onJuly 23rd 2007 destroyed our family and our life. It will never be the same.

My wife, Barbara, had called me 45 minutes earlier to say that the fire alarm atBill and Jennifer's house was going off. The alarm company would call us if theycould not reach anyone at Bill's home. Since it was just up the street, Iimmediately went to Bill's office to see if he was at work. Mona, his nurse, saidthat Jennifer had called Bill out sick early that morning. We checked theemergency rooms of hospitals that Bill would go to if he was having heartproblems. We did not find him.

I stopped by our house and told Barbara that I was going to Cheshire. On theway, I tried calling their home number and all of their cell phones. No answer onany...except a voicemail message on Michaela/s. The last time' heard her voice.As I was driving down Mountain Road towards Sorghum Mill Drive, an ambulancecame racing by, heading in the opposite direction. A couple of police cars passedme headed toward Sorghum Mill. My heart sank. I was filled with dread. Iarrived at Sorghum Mill a few minutes later to find it taped off....just belowwhere the Pacifica ...their Pacifica...was parked all smashed up. A police manstopped me from going any further. I told him that was my daughter-in-Iaw/s car.He said "wait here, I will get someone to talk to you." It was raining.

About 15 minutes went by. , went up to get a closer look at the Pacifica. I couldnot imagine what would cause such a terrible accident on that street.

Then the chief and two other officers came and delivered those 17 words. I calledhome to tell my wife. My sister-in-law, Joan, answered and said that Barbara wason her way. I had great difficulty in telling Joan. I said..."They are all gone." I wassobbing. She asked, "What do you mean they are all gone?" It took me 15 to 20seconds to tell her that the girls were all dead.

Barbara screamed as she drove to Cheshire and prayed that everyone was safe.She said that she knew that something terrible had happened. Barbara arrivedand tried to get to Billy and Jen's house. They sent her to the car to be with me.We saw our daughter, Hanna, getting out of her car, screaming and crying withher arms flying. And then saw Andrew crying uncontrollably. Abby was in the carrolled in a ball crying.

Medical personnel were checking my heart rate and other signs. We were all toldthat we should go to St. Mary's Hospital where Bill was taken. Our sons, Glennand Brian came and drove us to St. Mary's. They called Michael and Erin whowere on their way and told them to go right to the hospital. Our son in law,Dennis, met us all there.

We arrived there, and were ushered to a private waiting area and a policedetective told us what happened to Bill, Jennifer, Hayley and Michaela. We wereall numb with shock.

They let us in to see Bill. The doctors were still sewing up his wounds. He liftedhis head and asked us about the girls. We were all sobbing and could only shakeour heads from side to side. He began sobbing and collapsed. His family wasgone. We held hands and said the Lord's prayer together.

No more listening to Hayley's description of her day when we would pick her upfrom schooL.or Michaela's beautiful smile when we would get her. Jenniferwould call me Grandpa... lloved it. Our other grandchildren loved being withHayley and Michaela. Abby, Hanna's daughter, idolized Hayley as did Brooke,Michael Jr., Andrew, Tristan and Paige.

Bill will not walk them down the aisle. He will never know the wonderment ofgrandchildren. Our holidays, especially Christmas, are not and will not be thesame ever. Our three loved ones will always be missing, and our othergrandchildren, though putting on strong faces will never be the same. These twoselfish murderers have taken their childhood from them and destroyed ourfamily. The only place where we can visit Jennifer, Hayley and Michaela is at thecemetery, where we visit often to talk and pray.

We remember the week before on Cape Cod. Snapping pictures of the family onthe porch of their cottage...Hayley and Michaela on the beach and calling acrossthe room to Michaela as she was reading a book. She looked up and gave me herbest smile. That is the last picture I took of her.

We go to bed every night and wake up every morning thinking of Hayley,Michaela and Jennifer. We pray that they are safe, happy and secure in God'shouse...that they will be reunited with their family, friends and loved ones andespecially, their dad and husband, Bill. And with us when it is our time to be withGod in his house in Heaven. We think of the hours that Hayley and Michaela werealone...not knowing if their mom and dad were alive.

The loss that our son, Bill, has had has naturally changed him from a person witheverything to live for to one that has doubts about whether he should be living atall. Not only did we lose Jennifer, Hayley and Michaela, we have lost the Bill thatwe knew and it is heartbreaking daily to watch him. He puts on a brave face andtries to hide his anguish and despair by working hard. Working for theFoundation as a way of helping others. It works for a while but there is no way offorgetting the brutal truth...and that is...these two took the lives of our loved onesand took our lives away from us. We try. People try to say and do things to helpus. It doesn't work. Jennifer, Hayley and Michaela are gone and our lives as weknew them are also gone. It is unbearable to think of their last hours on thisearth. No one should have to live through that fear and hopelessness. We cannotunderstand the effort and expense being used to save these murderers. A lot ofpeople would change their minds about the death penalty if this were to happento their loved ones. The last forty plus months have been the hardest of our livesto get through and, yes, there have been only one set of footprints in the sand during this time.

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