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Wethersfield Police Offer Steps To Combat Car Break Ins, Theft

With car break-ins and thefts reported almost daily in the Hartford area, Wethersfield Police are reminding residents to be vigilant about where they leave their car keys.

At a council meeting last week, Police Chief James Cetran said the town has seen more than 100 reports of cars being rifled through and about 50 stolen cars.

“And that’s just us,” he said. “It’s happening everywhere and it’s prevalent and I’m not going to tell you what you want to hear, but I think it’s only going to get worse.”

According to the Wethersfield Police Department Facebook page, reports of suspicious vehicles are becoming a “nightly occurrence.”

“The biggest problem that we have in regards to car thefts and car break-ins is that they’re being left unlocked,” Cetran said. “Either the fob is in the car or the vanity key is in the car. We haven’t had a car stolen that didn’t have the keys accessible.”

Cetran said the rash of car-related break-ins has led to concern from residents.

“Residents want to know what we’re doing,” he said. “One suggestion was that we start walking the neighborhood. I didn’t really want to answer that question because, if we’re out walking we can’t get the car. We can’t chase any cars. We can’t be on every street at all times. We can’t walk the streets and I think we’ve done a phenomenal job catching the ones we have.”

Cetran urged residents to not leave their keys in the car and to register any home surveillance equipment with the Wethersfield Police Department. In the Spring, the department announced that it would be creating a registry of homes with video cameras in order to aid investigations.

The idea is that if individual homeowners are comfortable allowing police to use their surveillance footage, they can register their camera with the department and when a crime is committed in their area, police can review the footage.

 To register, contact Sgt. Michael Fisher at

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