Wethersfield Sends Out Motor Vehicle Tax Bills Despite Uncertainty Over State Budget

Wethersfield officials sent out motor vehicle tax bills this week, despite the state not having a budget.

Town Manager Jeff Bridges said the town held off on sending out the bills because they anticipated a change in the mill rate in the adopted state budget.

“Obviously that has not happened, therefore we are mailing them out at 32 mills and including a note on the bill that there may be a supplemental bill,” he said.

In the event that the state law capping motor vehicle tax bills at 32 mills changes, the town will adjust resident taxes and send an additional bill.

At the state Capitol, legislators are considering two budget proposals.

In a surprising turn of events, a Republican-proposed budget was approved on Sept. 16. Malloy has promised to veto that budget, which would make changes to the car tax program, leading to higher local car taxes for motorists in some towns.

The uncertainty and debate around the state budget has caused towns to delay sending the bills and Wethersfield was one of a dozen area towns that delayed the process earlier this summer.

Bridges said bills will need to be paid by Nov. 1 to avoid penalty. If residents have questions, they are asked to contact the town tax collector at 860-721-2825.

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