Enfield Truckers Will Vote On Union, Despite Company Opposition

About 30 truck drivers in Enfield will be allowed to vote at the end of this month on whether they want to join Teamsters Local 671.

The drivers, who are both full-time and regular part-time, work for UPS Ground Freight, Inc., which services nine Advanced Auto Parts distribution centers mostly in the east, but also including one in Kansas.

UPS's distribution center in Kutztown, Pa., already voted to 27-1 unionize, but the company is arguing the election should be vacated because the ballots were not cast in person, but rather by mail.

Both when the Kutztown drivers asked to join the Teamsters, and when the Enfield drivers did, UPS Ground Freight Inc. said that no drivers should be allowed to unionize unless the majority of drivers across every location — including Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, and Kansas — chose to. It said that if some locations unionized while others didn't, it would affect the company's ability to reassign drivers to other territories.

The National Labor Relations Board rejected that argument both times.

Even if the company appeals this ruling, the election will go forward.

The ballots will be mailed on Jan. 23, with the ballots due to the NLRB office in Hartford by Feb. 8.

Teamsters Local 617 declined to comment on the unionization drive. UPS Freight Spokeswoman April Rehmann said, "We are disappointed in the board's ruling, but we are reviewing our options going forward."

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