Post-Newtown Action Across The States

Following the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, many politicians and gun-control advocates predicted the massacre would be a tipping point in the contentious debate over guns, and that a renewed focus on firearms and violence would herald a legislative shift toward stricter laws. But a nationwide analysis by the Courant shows that in a majority of states, the momentum has shifted the other way, with legislation proposed or enacted that expands the rights of gun owners, including bills that would permit school employees to carry guns and measures declaring the state exempt from federal firearms laws. The map below shows the status of legislative efforts on guns in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia, as of June 1st. Click on a state to see what its government has done in the months since the shootings in Newtown. Read more about the gun legislative process in Connecticut.

Click on a state to see what its government has done in response to the tragedy in Newtown.

Red states indicate action to expand gun rights, and blue states indicate action towards gun control. Yellow states reflect mixed ideologies on guns, based on bills introduced. Solid colors show a law has been passed.