Jim Shea: New York Times Feels The Need For Weed

An insider's look at how the paper decided to call for the legalization of marijuana

Weak News Note: Last Sunday, in a full page editorial, the New York Times called for the national legalization of marijuana. Here is a transcript of the meeting at which Times' editorial board and opinion writers decided to take this position.

Yo, hey man, someone want to lock the door, and pull the blinds, too.

Does anyone know the agenda for today's meeting, because I forgot what it was.

Weed, dude, it was something about weed.

Hey, you gonna Bogart that all meeting?

Sorry, man this is some good !$@%.

Anyone else notice that the bong has the New York Times logo on it?

Far out, man.

Hey, where's Dowd, I thought she was coming?

Someone gave her a brownie, man, last time I saw her she was curled up under her desk, purring.

Wow, you know who we should get to guest write this editorial, Snoop Dog.

Yeah, Snoop Dog, man, perfect.

Why you laughing?

I though you were going to suggest David Brooks.

As long as we're writing about pot, I want to write a column about Mitt Romney driving to Canada with Sarah Palin strapped to the roof of his car.

I think that was a dog, Gail, not Sarah Palin.

Oh, yeah, maybe you're right. Have I ever written about that?

Hey, quite, quiet. Anyone else hear that?

Hear what?

Yo, turn down the music. I think there's someone at the door.

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