Rocky Hill Councilman Approved For Third Party Election Run

Residents will have a third party to consider in November's upcoming municipal elections.

Town councilman and former Mayor Henry Vasel was given approval by the State Elections Enforcement Commission in mid-August to lead a slate under the name Unite Rocky Hill. Joining him are incumbent councilors Frank Szeps and Catherine Vargas, as well as newcomers Michele Collins, Cindy Tangney and Larry Lindenberger.

"The slate of candidates for town council is a coalition of Democrat, Republican and unaffiliated registered voters who will work for Rocky Hill and not the national political parties," Vasel said in a statement.

Vasel said the goal of the independent party would be to look at issues from a diverse perspective and move away from party lines.

"As an independent party, we are not going to look at issues from the right or left, but from right and wrong," he said.

Vasel is running for mayor under the Unite Rocky Hill banner and said he hopes his experience on the town council will be beneficial. He also said he hopes to continue his track record of passing a zero tax increase budget.

In a statement released by the party, Vasel said he is "extremely humble and grateful to have the opportunity to run for the position of mayor."

In July, Democrats and Republicans released their slates for November's election. At the time, Vasel was contemplating a run under Unite Rocky Hill, but was still awaiting paperwork from the state.

Republicans nominated Lisa Marotta, who has lived in town for almost 14 years and is an attorney, for mayor. Joining Marotta on the town council GOP slate are Bryan Addy, Ed Charamut, Allan Greenspan, Andrew Lanciotto and Jeff Levine.

On the Democrat side, Mayor Claudia Baio is running for a second term. Joining her on the slate are town council members Deputy Mayor Joe Kochanek, John Emmanuel and William O'Sullivan. First-time candidates Mukesh Desai and Christopher Duff will join them.

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