Readers' Most Dreaded Intersections

The Hartford Courant

Exit 29 off Route 91 North is a disaster - I try and avoid it in bad weather. –

- Anonymous, Mansfield

The intersection at Cook Avenue and Hanover Street in Meriden is extremely dangerous. There are accidents there regularly. Both streets turn into one way roads at this section. People go the wrong way, and people confuse the green arrow for a green light and run it. Also, late at night until 6 am the lights blink and its hard to look for oncoming traffic due to the angle. This is a dangerous area that the city should try to fix. –

- Meghann Stockman, Meriden

I believe a particularly awful merging spot would be the on ramp prior to Exit 17 on Route 8 North in Derby. Merging into traffic which is going above the speed limit around a corner is terrible. A person merging onto Route 8 North at that spot has to go from a dead stop to gunning their engine to avoid an accident and have to be attentive enough to those exiting at exit 17, which is approximately 500 to 1000 feet ahead of them. –

- Sophia, Naugatuck

Route 6 on-ramp to Interstate 84 (Farmington) Interstate 84 On/Off Ramp (Exit 39) with Route 4 (Farmington) Route 4 and High Street (Farmington) Route 6 and Pinnacle Road (Farmington) Route 4 and Covey Road (Burlington) Route 4 and Vineyard Road (Burlington Route 4 and Route 72 (Harwinton) –

- Justin Donald, Farmington

Route 44 and West Avon Road, Staples and Dunkin Donuts entry /exit. THE WORST! –

- Anonymous, Farmington

2 way stop sign Campfield Ave. and Cromwell st. I have witnessed many serious accidents at this intersection I have contacted city officials They claim traffic studies show no need to change. A solution would be to move stop sign on Campfield ave, at Chester st. to Cromwell st. making that intersection a 4 way stop. –

- Pastor Philip Mawaka, Hartford

The Exit 44 ramp on I-91 is miserable. Both North and South traffic merges onto the same exit ramp with nothing preventing drivers from crossing over 4 lanes to get where they are going.

-– Matt, East Windsor

I-95 going south exit 71 & 72 Rocky Neck State Park and Four mile Rd cross over each other; one going on I-95 and the other going off. many times I had to brake going off because car coming on –

- Bert Sillman, Old Lyme (summer)

How is it that East Lyme's construction nightmare didn't make it? I get the DOT alerts and I swear there isn't a day/night where there isn't an accident along that stretch of I-95, from about 71-72 to the I-395 exit (75 or 76). –

- Anonymous, Norwich

Any Entrance to the Merritt Pkwy that has a stop sign in front of it! CT is asking cars at a compete stand still to literally gun it into traffic!! –

- Katrina, Hamden

Route 8 Exit 17 onramp. It's on a curve, hard to see oncoming traffic – you need to turn completely around to see. There are always people getting into trouble! Needs to be closed. –

- Rebekah, Naugatuck

In Wethersfield: Spring Street between Rt.3/Maple Street and Wells Rd. This road is consistently used as a bypass to avoid the main intersection at Rt.99/Silas Deane Highway and Rt.3/Maple Street. Spring Street is a residential street with single homes and condominiums. The Connecticut Judicial branch has offices on the Maple Street end where there have been traffic accidents. It's considered a quick short cut to and from I-91 and the Putnam Bridge. The posted speed limit is 30 MPH and drivers normally travel at 40-50 MPH. It is a winding street with poor sight lines both on the street, many driveways that empty onto it and a great many children up and down the road. There are no stop signs except at Wells Rd. and the traffic light at Maple St. –

- Rich, Wethersfield

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