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Previous Coverage of Pratt & Whitney Cancer Study

  • 2010 - Study Shows No Cancer Cluster At Pratt Plant

      Workers at Pratt & Whitney in Connecticut did not get brain cancer at higher rates than the population generally, according to the latest results of a multiyear study led by University of Pittsburgh researchers.     An analysis of 212,513 people who worked at Pratt between 1952 and 2001, and...

  • 2008 - Study: Higher Rate Of Brian Cancer Not Statistically Significant

    A long-awaited study of almost 225,000 Pratt & Whitney workers from the 1950s to the early 2000s found a slightly higher rate of brain cancer among workers at a former North Haven plant than for the Connecticut population as a whole.     But the study, conducted by researchers at the University...

  • 2005 - Timing Is Key In Cancer Cases

    Sixty-one families pressing wrongful death claims against Pratt & Whitney took their case to the state Supreme Court Thursday, fighting to remain part of a lawsuit blaming the jet-engine maker for a cluster of brain cancer deaths.     At issue is whether the law requires legal actions to be filed...

  • 2004 - Expanded Cancer Study Discussed

     Despite increases in the overall size of their study, researchers said they still hope to determine in about two years whether Pratt & Whitney workers are more likely than others to get brain cancer.     Details on the Pratt & Whitney cancer study's status and projected timetable were discussed...