Alexander Hamilton Re-Enactor To Visit Wethersfield's Webb-Deane-Stevens Museum

Alexander Hamilton enthusiasts will have the opportunity to meet the famed Founding Father at the historic Joseph Webb House in Old Wethersfield.

Portrayed by re-enactor Ian Rose, Hamilton will appear as a part of the Webb-Deane-Stevens Museum’s fall lecture series at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 12.

Even the most avid fans of Lin Manuel Miranda’s hit musical, “Hamilton,” might not know that Wethersfield holds a special connection to the controversial Founding Father.

“The final battle of the American Revolution was planned by George Washington and French Gen. Rochambeau at the home of Joseph Webb, in Wethersfield in May 1781," said Charles Lyle, executive director of the museum. “Two months later, Alexander Hamilton led three battalions in that final battle, in Yorktown.”

Lyle said Rose’s visit to Wethersfield is fitting given the historical context. The visit also gives residents a chance to learn more about the historic figure, now immortalized in pop culture.

"For many years, Hamilton was perhaps best known as the man on the 10 dollar bill,” Lyle said. “With the success of the blockbuster musical ‘Hamilton,’ one of the country’s most controversial Founding Fathers is a household word.”

Lyle said Rose will discuss Hamilton’s life and legacy, as well as his colorful career and tragic death.

"Rose will also examine how many of the debates Hamilton engaged in during the country’s tumultuous early years are still taking place today," Lyle said.

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