Temich was arrested on May 1, 2010, after fighting with police who responded to a party.

A security video of inside a holding cell at the police station shows Evan Cossette pushing the handcuffed Temich in the chest. Temich falls backward, hitting his head on a concrete bench and knocking him unconscious.

The videotape shows Cossette entering the cell at least six times and moving Temich around, twice propping him up against the bench and another time putting him back on the ground so that he could remove the handcuffs. There is blood visible on the floor where Temich fell.

Cossette did not call for medical help, police reports indicate. An attorney representing Temich said that a dispatcher who saw Temich on the camera at the front desk called for an ambulance. Paramedics arrived about five minutes after Cossette first pushed Temich to the ground. He was transported to MidState Medical Center and required 12 staples to close the wound in the back of his head.

No investigation was done of the jail cell incident until nearly six weeks later, when an anonymous complaint was made to Caponigro. In his internal affairs interview in that case, Evan Cossette said that he felt that Temich, who was arrested on a charge of drunken driving, was moving toward him and was being violent and that he was about to head-butt him. He said that Temich probably fell because he was so drunk.

Caponigro did find that Cossette used unnecessary force in that case. But at his administrative hearing, Deputy Chief Timothy S. Topulos downgraded the charges to performing official duties in a careless manner and issued the letter of reprimand.

Topulos also ordered Cossette to take four hours of training on the use of force "to enhance your skill set when dealing with combative individuals."


January: Joseph G. Bryans alleges that he suffered nerve damage in his wrist after Office Evan Cossette handcuffed him too tightly to a hospital bed.

October 2010: Robert Methvin required six stitches after he was kneed in the mouth by Cossette.

May 2010: Pedro Temich required 12 staples to close a wound in the back of his head after Cossette pushed him into a concrete bench in a police holding cell.