Large Cheeseburger Display Stolen From Big Steve's Grill In Plainville

PLAINVILLE — Someone stole the large, fiberglass cheeseburger display that stood outside Big Steve's Grill on Whiting Street.

Robin Andrikis, the wife of restaurant owner Big Steve Andrikis, said that when they arrived at the restaurant on Tuesday, the burger display — two double cheeseburgers stacked on a stand — was missing. The restaurant isn't open on Monday.

Robin Andrikis said the cheeseburger display has been outside the restaurant since it open about five years ago and has come to be known as a symbol of the place.

"All the little kids love it, having it there. They take pictures with it," she said.

A neighbor spotted a truck, possibly a Ford F150, outside the restaurant on Sunday night, Andrikis said. The truck pulled up and two men got out and took the cheeseburgers, the neighbor said, leaving the stand behind.

Andrikis said the restaurant is offering a reward of five cheeseburgers for anyone who can provide information about the location of the display. She said they just want to get it back.

Plainville police said that they received a report of the stolen display and that officers investigating it.


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