Gun Hearing

Republican state Rep. Dan Carter listens to testimony before the legislature's Bipartisan Task Force On Gun Violence Prevention and Children's Safety at the Legislative Office Building on Monday. (Cloe Poisson / Hartford Courant / January 28, 2013)

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    (Note: This is an unscientific poll.)

    Do gun controls proposed in the Connecticut General Assembly go too far?

    • Yes. A final report hasn't been issued on the Newtown shootings, so we don't know yet what could have stopped them. But lawmakers are using the opportunity to propose all sorts of restrictions on legal gun owners.
    • No. The murders of 20 children and six women who died trying to protect them require this state to do something about the proliferation of guns, particularly military-style assault weapons
    • They're beside the point. What are needed are better ways to detect mental illness and treat it.
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More than 1,000 people came to the state Capitol on Monday for an emotional hearing on guns. Some called for a ban on assault weapons and magazines that can hold large numbers of  bullets. Others said such restrictions wouldn’t have stopped Adam Lanza from his massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December.  What’s your view? Will some of the bills proposed for Connecticut, such as heavy taxes on ammunition, prevent killings or protect innocent people? Or not?


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