Second Man Says He Never Signed An Institute Document

The Hartford Courant

A second man now says he never signed Institute for International Sport documents despite the fact that his signature appears on paperwork submitted to government officials.

The signature of Michael Healy, who lives in Ireland, has some similarity to a signature bearing the name of former Hasbro CEO Alan Hassenfeld. One document was signed in 2009; the other in 2011. Hassenfeld has previously said he did not sign the document with his signature on it.

The institute is a Rhode Island-based nonprofit organization that is currently dealing with debt, failed real estate ventures, a government audit and a Rhode Island State Police investigation. Institute Executive Director Daniel Doyle Jr., of West Hartford, declined to comment Thursday.

Healy said this week that he did not sign a 2011 expenditure form that was submitted by the institute to the state of Rhode Island. The form was for a $175,000 government grant and it says Healy is chairman of the institute's board of directors.

Healy is listed as the board's current chairman on the institute's 2011 annual report filed with the Rhode Island secretary of state's office and has even been quoted in institute press releases. But he said earlier this month that he's not — and never has been — on the institute's board. He also says he never made any of the statements attributed to him in the releases.

Hassenfeld was the first person to question the validity of his signature. In February, Hassenfeld said he never signed the institute's 2009 annual report, which was filed with the Rhode Island secretary of state's office, despite the fact that his signature appears on the document.

Hassenfeld, who has been one of the institute's largest financial backers, is listed as the board's chairman on both the institute's 2009 and 2010 annual reports, but says he never served on the board.

At the time, a Rhode Island public relations firm issued a statement on the institute's behalf, acknowledging that the signature was not Hassenfeld's. The release said Hassenfeld never served on the board, that Doyle had nothing to do with the document and that the document would have been handled on a staff level.

Several others have also been listed as members of the board of directors, but they also say they have never served in that capacity, including former CEO of The Pheonix Cos., Robert Fiondella. Fiondella is listed on federal tax forms as being on the board at least from 2003 to 2008, but never knew it.

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