Glastonbury Schools Open Monday With Plans To Help Students With Newtown Tragedy

School officials along with psychologists and other experts will be in schools Monday to help students deal with the grief and other emotions from the school shooting tragedy in Newtown.

Superintendent Alan B. Bookman said Sunday there will be additional psychologists in school from the town's youth services department along with private practice psychologists to help students who need additional support.

"Teachers have been given instructions on how to talk to students and what not to do, as noted by the National Association of School Psychologists," Bookman said adding he sent around e-mails to parents on Saturday offering tips on how to help children deal with the tragedy.

On Friday morning, Adam Lanza burst into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown shooting and killing 20 first-graders and six adults. Bookman said there will be a police presence at each of the district's nine schools Monday morning and throughout the day. All school doors are locked at each building with greeters stationed at the front door to monitor access to the buildings.

Peter Marteka

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