5 Things To Know Friday

1. Brain Battle

One day after Aaron Hernandez was found dead in his prison cell, there was a brief battle over what was to be done with the former Patriots star's brain. Hernandez attorney Jose Baez said the medical examiner's office was holding the brain illegally. But it was later released and will be studied at Boston University. 

2. State Layoffs

There could be as many as 4,200 state employee layoffs this year, but Gov. Malloy is hoping to make progress in talks with the unions to avoid them. However, if no deal is reached the first wave of about 1,100 employees could be laid off in May. 

3. Ticks

Recent mild winters in Connecticut have lead to an increase in the state's tick population, experts say. As a result, there's a spike in the risk of Lyme Disease and other tick-borne diseases. Experts urge local walkers and hikers to check for ticks immediately after returning. 

4. Paris

A police officer was killed, and three other people were wounded, when a gunman opened fire on Paris' iconic Champs-Elysees boulevard Thursday night. The gunman was also shot and killed. The shooting comes just three days before France's presidential election. 

5. Starbucks

Have you had the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino? The reactions have been mixed, but one barista in Denver can be counted among those who is not a fan.

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April 21, 1926: Queen Elizabeth II is born.

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