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Enfield's Thompsonville Fire District Meets Wednesday

Not even a week following the Thompsonville Fire District's annual meeting, district commissioners have planned a special meeting for the Thompsonville Fire District.

The first item on Wednesday's agenda address commissioner Bob Gillespie's status on the board of commissioners. Over the course of last summer's break in fire district meetings, Gillespie submitted an email to the fire district announcing his resignation from the commissioner position. Before the next regularly scheduled meeting in September, Gillespie rescinded his resignation. Confusion over a recording from the Sept. 11 meeting and a possible vote to replace Gillespie left the former three-member commission divided on his status. The district's lawyer has offered his opinions on how the previous commission was to address the confusion surrounding Gillespie's status. No action has been taken to date.

The now five-member board plans to address Gillespie's status Wednesday night.

The agenda also includes "appointment of tax collector," which Gillespie had been appointed to during the annual meeting, and an appointment of a liaison to the tax collector.

Also included in the agenda is "discussion of participation of Electors in adoption of future budgets and possible action," "discussion and possible action of the handling and processing of bills and invoices," and "discussion and possible implementation of committees to the Commission," including a by-laws and ethics committee, a building-construction committee and a citizen's audit-forensic audit committee.

A link to Wednesday's meeting can be found by clicking here.

The meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. in the Enfield room of Town Hall, 820 Enfield St.

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