East Hartford Man Pleads Guilty For Role In Double Fatal Crash

An East Hartford man admitted Tuesday that he drove recklessly the night of a crash that killed two men and injured a third.

Gustavo Moreno, 25, was not behind the wheel of the car involved in the fatal crash, but was speeding and passing the vehicle that crashed, prosecutor Donna Mambrino told Hartford Superior Court Judge Laura F. Baldini.

The driver of the car that crashed, Eric Watson, 21, is serving a four-year sentence for second-degree manslaughter with a motor vehicle. He was driving under the influence of alcohol and his car had bad brakes and mismatched tires when it crashed the evening of July 14, 2013, at 380 Forest St., East Hartford.

Robert Swain, 18, of East Hartford, and La'Andrew Evans-Swain, 16, of Manchester, were killed. Robert Swain died at the scene of the crash. Evans-Swain died later at Hartford Hospital. The state medical examiner said both died of multiple blunt trauma.

A third man in the car, Henry Le, 20, suffered internal injuries and broken bones. Watson was not seriously injured, police said.

Moreno admitted to police that he was speeding and passing Watson’s car, and that he’d consumed several beers at a party earlier that night. But police did not test Moreno for intoxication because he showed no signs of being under the influence, Mambrino told the judge. Watson was also driving recklessly, speeding and passing Moreno’s car, police said.

Moreno has a prior record of reckless driving and other traffic offenses, Mambrino said, but in the July 2013 incident he was “not directly the cause of the accident that killed those two men.”

Moreno apologized for his conduct and said he made a mistake that night.

“Your actions set into motion a perfect storm that led to the taking of the lives of other people,” Baldini told Moreno. “Given your record, a mistake made more than once is a decision.”

She then sentenced him to the 20 days in jail specified in his plea agreement.

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