Connecticut Innovations Invests $300,000 In Branford Cancer Tech Company

Connecticut Innovations on Monday announced a $300,000 investment in IsoPlexis, a Branford-based life science research company.

The money will be used for engineering and software updates and to finalize a beta version of its product.

"This early-stage company is making considerable advances in cancer immunotherapy," Matthew Storeygard, senior investment associate at Connecticut Innovations, said in a statement. "The IsoPlexis micro-device and software helps drug developers identify cellular activity by providing 10 times more data per cell than the industry standard single-cell analysis tool."

The company has technology that is useful to pharmaceutical and biotechnology research focused on "monoclonal antibody" therapies that target individual cells to remedy cancer and other maladies. IsoPlexis has software that can reliably measure many reactions for each cell. The data allows researchers to understand the effects of a drug more thoroughly.

IsoPlexis CEO Sean Mackay said in a statement: "IsoPlexis' data also provide a more specific and precise read of the cellular impact of the therapies per patient, which is critical because patients typically respond differently to the therapies of interest."

Matthew Sturdevant

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