West Hartford Police: Man Crashes, Lies, Gets Arrested

A man made up a story about being carjacked at gunpoint to cover up the fact that he had crashed the car into someone’s porch, West Hartford police said Friday.

William Ferris, 50, of Charter Oak Avenue in Hartford, was charged with filing a false incident report, making a false statement, tampering with evidence, interfering with police, second-degree reckless endangerment and traffic violations, they said.

According to police, Ferris called for help Thursday afternoon to report that while he was taking out the trash, a Jamaican man approached and pointed a handgun in his face. The man then demanded the keys to Ferris’ Acura and fled. The Acura was found down the street from the purported robbery at a Citgo gas station, 1137 New Britain Ave.

After reviewing surveillance video from the gas station, police learned that Ferris had made the story up. He struck a front porch pillar on Mayflower Street nearby, drove away, parked the car at the gas station and called police while walking to Elmhurst Street, where he used to live, police said.

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