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National Weather Service: No Tsunami Coming For Connecticut Despite Warning

The National Weather Service says there was no tsunami heading for Connecticut and other parts of the East Coast despite a warning that some smartphone users received via Accuweather. The weather service says it was meant as a test.

NWS meteorologist Hendricus Lulofs said a glitch led to some people receiving what looked like an actual warning.

The Pennsylvania-based weather service, Accuweather, blamed the way NWS coded the test. In a statement, Accuweather said: “While the words ‘TEST’ were in the header, the actual codes read by computers used coding for real warning, indicating it was a real warning.”

People in parts of southern Connecticut saw the message.

The weather service turned to social media to warn residents that there was no threat of a tsunami and Lulofs said officials were looking into how the issue happened.

On Twitter, the NWS New York office wrote: “A Tsunami Test was conducted earlier this morning, that did have TEST in the message. We are currently trying to find out how a message went out as a warning. We will update you when we find out more.”

Accuweather said they take tsunami warnings seriously. “The responsibility is on the NWS to properly and consistently code the messages, for only they know if the message is correct or not,” the statement from the company read.

Recently, residents of Hawaii were warned of an incoming ballistic missile, only to learn that, too, was a test gone wrong.

An Associated Press report is included in this story.

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