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Racial Flyers Now Found In Bristol And Southington

Flyers carrying racist messages that were found in Southington last weekend have also been discovered in Bristol.

Bristol police heard from residents about flyers on Lantern Hill Road. People in the Mount Vernon Road area of Southington filed complaints on Saturday.

One flyer, which has an image of President Abraham Lincoln, reads “We Found this Nation,” while another says “Take Your Country Back.”

Southington and Bristol police both say the posters’ messages have racial overtones. The two departments are working together as they investigate the origin of the posters.

“Racism keeps raising its ugly head,” Lexie Magnum, five-term president of the Bristol NAACP chapter, said Thursday evening. “There is no place for it in our country. We have to keep vigilant, fight it and keep moving forward as a promote peace and equility.”

Both of the flyers found in Bristol bear a stamp for the White Whalers Book Club, but police said they could not find any information about such a group.

The flyers urge white people to take a stand against “globalist traitors” and “Marxist political correctness” eroding “your race and heritage.” There are no names or phone numbers on the flyers.

Southington’s town manager said the flyers are “despicable” and do not reflect the town’s values.

“We will prosecute whoever left these to the full extent of the law,” Garry Brumback, the town manager said Wednesday. “These are racist, left by cowards who come out under cover of darkness to do this. We’re asking people if they see something, say something.”

Andy Friedland, assistant director of the state chapter of the Anti-Defamation League, said police had been in contact with the organization to discuss the flyers and the hate groups listed on them.

Some of the groups listed are known white supremacist hate websites, Friedland said. “We’ve seen this type of flier throughout the country and in our state,” he said. “This kind of literature is meant to intimidate. It’s important to respond, to say ‘this is not our town’ and counter the hate.”

He said it appears the “book club” insignia stems from one white supremacist’s suggestion to his followers that they start book clubs to circulate their literature.

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