Attorney General's Office Talks To Access Health CT About Misplaced Backpack

The Hartford Courant

Officials from Attorney General George Jepsen's office visited Access Health CT this week to check on security procedures that were in place when a call-center worker took a backpack out of the building with a note pad that had customers' names, Social Security numbers and birth dates.

Representatives of the Attorney General's Privacy Task Force were at the offices of Access Health CT on Thursday asking about how the public health exchange handled the case of a backpack found outside a downtown deli. Jepsen did not attend the meeting, said Jepsen's spokeswoman, Jaclyn Falkowski.

"The meeting was part of ongoing discussions about the incident, including how the incident occurred, what security procedures and policies were in place before the incident, and what is being done to reduce the risk of future data breaches occurring," Falkowski said.

The Privacy Task Force met with people from the exchange and its call-center vendor, Maximus.

A Maximus employee left a backpack containing a note pad with names, birth dates and Social Security numbers of Access Health CT customers outside on June 5 in front of New York Deli & More, 240 Trumbull Street.

Hartford Police are still investigating the matter, Lt. Brian J. Foley said Friday. No charges have been filed.

The employee had been placed on leave and has since been terminated, Access Health CT spokeswoman Kathleen Tallarita said Friday.

Inside the backpack was a note pad with names of 413 people, corresponding Social Security numbers for 151 of those, and an undisclosed number of birth dates, Access Health CT officials said last month. The Maximus employee left the deli around 4:30 p.m. Thursday, June 5, and got a ride home from a friend.

A passer-by picked up the backpack and brought it to the deli owner, who declined to take it. The man then called the office of Connecticut's House Republicans and on Friday morning brought it there. An assistant for state Rep. Jay Case, R-Winchester, received the call, accepted the backpack, and called Access Health CT to return it.

An Access Health CT employee picked up the backpack the same day.

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