David Dobrynin
Hall High School, West Hartford

David Dobrynin, senior class president at William Hall High School, received dismal grades and was frequently disciplined in middle school. "I don't remember what my grades were because I didn't care," Dobrynin said. "But I told myself that in high school I would start caring, and that happened." He's not sure if he changed because of his parents' support, because he entered a creativity competition, or because he read the book Catcher in the Rye. But in high school he joined an a capella group called "Acafella," ran for student government his junior year, participated in cross-country and track, and was the co-chair of the National Honor Society. His favorite classes senior year were physics and computer science. "I'm a very logical person, I like things that have definite solutions, and I think they're more applicable to helping the world," he said. Dobrynin wants to become an astronaut, and will study aerospace engineering at the University of Southern California. But his favorite memories are from playing with his alternative rock band "The Vibes," which formed when he was in eighth grade. "One of my favorite songs is 'My Way' by Frank Sinatra," Dobrynin said. "The song is basically about how he doesn't do everything perfectly, but he still lives his life his own way." --Nicole Perez
Photos Courtesy of David Dobrynin
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