Kristen Wicander
Hale-Ray High School, Haddam

Seventy kids out of the 97 students in Kristen Wicander's graduating class have been in the same classes since kindergarten. "It's definitely a close environment," she said. She learned both Spanish and French, and will continue to take Spanish classes at Roanoke College, which she said she chose because of the small number of students who attend. She plans to study psychology. "I really enjoy working with kids, so down the road I want to work with kids as a career path, as an elementary school psychologist or something," said Wicander, who was valedictorian of her class. In high school Wicander's favorite sport was volleyball, for which she made all-conference and all-state senior year. She also won a scholar-athlete award. "I played basketball since I was really little and I hadn't had any contact with volleyball until I came to high school, and honestly I just fell in love with it," Wicander said. "It's very team-oriented. Other sports have star players; volleyball's really about incorporating everybody." Wicander completed 200 hours of community service, and received the Connecticut Association of Schools Superintendent Award. --Nicole Perez
Photo Courtesy of Kristen Wicander
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