Holland Teacher On Mission To Help Haiti
Kim Chapin has spent the past four years working to help Haiti and she's also gotten her students involved.

Chapin said she first got involved after a lunch at a chinese restuarant where she received a special fortune cookie message.

"It said you will have a life changing experience on Thursday," Chapin recalled.

It just so happened Chapin had a meeting that Thursaday with a woman who had set up a ministry in Haiti called the 'Haiti Foundation Against Poverty' (HFAP). Chapin had recently been left behind a small inheritance and wanted to figure out what to do with the money.

After that fateful meeting, Chapin realized that helping Haiti was the right fit. Three weeks later, she was on a plane to Port-Au-Prince.

"Little did I know how much my life really would change , as a result of that meeting and that fortune cookie," she explained. "That really began my love affair with Haiti and I got more and more involved."

When Chapin returned from that first trip in 2009, she immediately took her stories back to her class at Eagle Crest Charter Academy to get her kindergarten students involved.

The students began collecting change, and supplies like backpacks to donate to children in Haiti.

"They became a wonderful mouthpiece on the needs of Haiti," said Chapin. "They collected about $2,000 thousand dollars, one quarter at a time... that year I had over 200 pounds of supplies to take to Haiti with me, and it was all school supplies that the children had raised money for."

Chapin continues to travel to Haiti at least twice a year to work in the schools and orphanage run by the HFAP. She is now the Director of Education and Child Sponsorship for the group.

"I've always had a love and compassion for others in need, but to be able to work with it first hand and see the joy on the children's faces, just is so stimulating for me to continue to go back."

Chapin is spending the first three weeks of her summer vacation in Haiti and plans to return home in the beginning of July.

For more information on the Haiti Foundation Against Poverty, click here.