Pay It Forward Person of the Week 12/30: Sharon Potter
As a hairstylist, Sharon Potter is used to changing people's looks, but she's also changing the lives of kids who don't have hair.

Potter, the owner of Salon Nouveau in Grand Rapids, has been working with an organization called "Children With Hair Loss" to make custom fit wigs for children who have lost their hair from different medical conditions, burns or cancer.

"I've always loved kids, to see them suffer and go through such hardships and illness is very hard for me to watch," Potter told FOX 17 News. "So, I just like to help out...what I have found is that hair plays a huge role in the self esteem of a child."

For about five years now, Potter has been donating her time and talents to help hundreds of kids right inside her salon. They often walk through the door with little to no hair, and leave with a wig of donated locks made especially for them.

Potter starts with making a plaster mold of the child's head. The child then gets to pick a color, length and hair style. Potter than draws up a pattern for the style and sends all the materials to a wig maker to complete the project.

The custom fit wigs would normally cost thousands of dollars, but thanks to Children With Hairloss, kids with qualifying conditions can receive them for free until they turn 21.

"It gets really busy some months, I'll have just 2 or three kids, sometimes I'll have a dozen," explained Potter. "You just can't predict when the sick kids are going come in."

Four years ago, Amanda Ferris brought her daughter Jayda in to the salon for help. Jayda was eight at the time and had been diagnosed with Alopecia.

"It's an autoimmune disorder," said Jayda, now 12 years old. "My body rejects hair. I started losing patches of hair, and then when I was just eight, I lost all my hair."

Jayda's mom was hoping Sharon and the salon would be able to help her daughter feel normal again. Years after getting her first wig, Jayda is bubble and spunky, and has developed a close bond with Sharon.

"Sharon's done so much for Jada," Amanda Ferris told FOX 17 News. "We owe her our lives, and I think that's how Jayda feels as well."

Potter says her involvement with "Children with Hair Loss" can be emptional at times, but she loves it.

"I don't make anything monetarily, but when the child who came in sad leaves smiling and jumping, and flipping their hair, it's the best feeling in the world," said Potter. "To make a little girl or boy feel more confident and gain back what they've lost... I know that I did what I can do, my part, just to help them a little bit."

Potter says there's always a need for donated locks.

To donate, or for more information about Children with Hair Loss, click here.