Patrick Miles Sworn in as US Attorney

Patrick Miles was sworn in Monday morning by Chief Judge Paul Maloney as US Attorney for the Western District of Michigan.

FOX 17 asked what prepares him for this position.

"I feel very prepared for this position from the standpoint of my law practice. I've seen a variety of cases in my law practice,” Miles said.

“And at the same time I was able to serve outside the law firms that I've worked at, on boards and in other positions,” he added.

Patrick Miles has been a private practice attorney for more than 20 years.

He served as president of the Grand Rapids Bar Association. In 2004, he returned to his alma mater Aquinas College to serve as chairman of the board of trustees.

The Harvard law graduate also set a couple of historic firsts. Miles was the first African American law partner for Grand Rapids Varnum law firm, in its 110 year history.

He's now the first African American US Attorney for the Western District of Michigan.

In his new position, he says he plan to take a close look at the office's priorities and issues that need tackling.

"Positions such as healthcare fraud, civil rights, official corruption and the like. We're doing a tremendous job already on drug enforcement and firearms and a whole host of other types of cases. There are areas, white collar fraud,” he explained.

Miles once ran for congress, losing to republican Justin Amash in 2010. FOX 17 asked the US attorney if he'll ever run for public office again.

"At this point, I'm just focusing on the job of US Attorney,” he said. “It's a very daunting task to be managing this office, working with all the different constituencies of law enforcement and community groups and Native American tribes.”

“So I have no idea what the future may hold, but I'm really looking forward to working in this job and serving in this capacity,” he added.

Miles said he’s the first presidential appointed US attorney for Michigan western district since 2001.