Officer Receives National Heroism Award For Saving Pilot

A Muskegon police officer has earned national recognition for saving a pilots' life after a 2010 plane crash.

FOX 17 spoke to pilot Chris Porter, from Illinois, after his plane went down near the Muskegon County airport.

From his hospital bed, Porter said all he wanted to do was thank Muskegon Officer Peter Boterenbrood for pulling him from the fiery wreckage.

"The plane was on the ground and it was burning and I was screaming for help and there was a voice that came out of the woods and said where are you what can I do,"explained Porter from his hospital bed.

Officer Pete Boterenbrood was at his home near the airport when a single engine Beechcraft Sierra flown by pilot Cristopher Porter from Illinois had trouble gaining altitude Saturday night, taking off from Muskegon Airport.

After the crash, Boterenbrood went into the wooded area. He found the pilot conscious but unable to get out of the cockpit, which was filling with smoke and flames. He pulled the pilot to safety, as the fire consumed the plane.

Officer Boterenbrood told FOX 17 News, "I did what anyone else would do in that situation."  

Today, Boterenbrood was awarded the Carnegie Medal of Heroism for risking his life to save another.

The medal is a national honor founded by steel magnate Andrew Carnegie back in 1904.