Michele's Must Haves: Purseket

If you're like me, your purse is a mess, however I found something to help keep things organized.

The 'Purseket' is a bag organizer to keep all your essential items in one place.

I actually have a purse addiction, and like to change purses a lot, which means I always end up forgetting my ID, phone, or lipstick. All you have to do it take it out, and switch to another bag.


  • come in 4 different sizes
  • medium, and junior
  • different patterns and colors
  • range from $17 to 23 dollars



Michele's Must Haves: Little Pearl Cupcake

Located on Northland Drive, Niki and Emily are the owners and bakers.

Gourmet flavors include:

  • "Pearl'-- signature cupcake  
  •  Chocolate/chocolate
  • Red velvet
  • Key lime pie
  • A special one called 'lily's cupcake-- dark chocolate filled with marshmallow creme,       topped with raspberry buttercream
  • Brownie peanut butter
  • Chocolate carmel vanilla goodness

Gluten free!

Individual cupcakes:

  • $2.50 for gourmet
  • $22 for a dozen

They also have custom cupcakes -- check out pictures on website:  great for weddings, showers, graduation.

More information at http://www.littlepearlcupcake.com