Lowell Students Start Push for 'Bully' Movie in G.R.

Thanks to the efforts started by Lowell High School, Grand Rapids is in the running for a special screening of the new controversial documentary by Lee Hirsch called ‘Bully’.

The Motion Picture Association wanted to slap an “R”rating on the film due to an explicit word being said five times, but The Weinstein Company (TWC), which produced the film, appealed the effort and it now will be released without a rating; meaning, it’s up to theaters to decide if they want to let children in to see it.

Lowell High School teacher Jeff Larsen, who teaches the affects of social media, found out about a contest on www.eventful.com, where the city who clicks the “Demand It!” button for the ‘Bully’ movie will win a screening for the Grand Rapids area. As of Thursday afternoon, Grand Rapids was in sixth place. Larsen was encouraging his students to use social media to spread the word. He is very proud that his students were behind the efforts to get the movie to the area.

"I think all of us, teachers, students are aware that we have bullying in schools and it's been there for a long time there's no doubt about it, but i think it's even worse now with the prevalence of cyber bullying." Larsen said.

The campaign ends 2p.m. on March 30.

If Grand Rapids is chosen, Larsen is unclear as to where the movie would be shown.

This effort goes along nicely with a “Be Nice” week the students of Lowell High School put on back in February. During that time, students wore special t-shirts along with bracelets and even passed out slips of paper to compliment others. Students claim they have seen a decrease in bullying.