Sean Phillips, father of baby Kathryn Phillips, who has been missing since late June, rejected a plea agreement Tuesday afternoon in a Ludington courtroom.

Earlier in the case, a A Mason County Circuit Court Judge dismissed charges of kidnapping and child enticement against Phillips, the 21-year-old father of Baby Kate, who went missing on June 29th.

Phillips' lawyer, Annette Smedley, argued that under Michigan law, he cannot be charged with kidnapping, since he is Kate’s biological father.

The baby's mother, Ariel Courtland, 19, says the child was last seen with Phillips outside her home at Birch Lake Apartments, and that he drove off with the baby. Phillips was arrested a few hours later. There was no sign of Kate, except for the baby’s clothes in his pocket.

Phillips' trial is set to continue in January of 2012.