A 60-year-old man from Wyoming is facing jail time after being accused of inappropriately touching several elderly residents at Pine Oak Apartments.

So far, police have accused Gilbert William Schwenk of touching three different women who live in the apartment complex where he also lives and works as a maintenance man.  Now, he's facing sexual assault charges in the case.  He's also suspended from work and banned from the property while cops are trying to find out if there are more victims.

It all started with a visit from relatives last Monday when a resident at the Pine Oak Apartments told family members she'd been uncomfortably touched by a maintenance worker.  Police investigated and arrested Schwenk.  Eventually, detectives found at least two other victims.

Police said Schwenk is cooperating and court records show he's admitted to some inappropriate touching.  Documents say in some cases Schwenk would kiss the victims on the lips without their consent.  In other instances he would hug the victims and, when pulling away, would brush or touch their breasts.

"Like any maintenance man who lives and resides at the apartment complex I would imagine there is some level of trust because he is allowed in the apartment to make repairs and things like that," said Capt. Kim Koster, Wyoming Police Department.

Because of that extra trust afforded to maintenance personnel, police are trying to figure out if schwenk took the job for the easy access to potential victims.

"I think there are certain individuals who would take advantage of that opportunity or put themselves in a place where they do have access to victims that they are seeking.  In this case I can't say [if] this was his intent," said Koster.

Pine Oak is owned by a Kalamazoo company called Medallion.  CEO Mark Wester said Schwenk is on suspension pending the investigation and that he's banned from the premises.  Wester wasn't  sure exactly when Schwenk started living and working at Pine Oak, but said it's been eight or nine years.  For that reason, police are trying to figure out how far back the suspected inappropriate contact goes or how many possible victims may be out there.  

Schwenk was released on $5,000 dollars bond Thursday morning.  He's staying with relatives in Allendale.  A person at the house where he's staying said they have no comment.

So far, Schwenk faces two counts of 4th degree Criminal Sexual Conduct and one count for Assault and Battery - a misdemeanor.  He's due back in court August 24th.