Amash Retains 3rd District Seat in U.S. House

It didn't come until well after midnight, but Rep. Justin Amash finally got the news he was waiting to hear: he had defeated challenger Steve Pestka and won the race for the congressional seat in Michigan's 3rd District.

It was a race that brought in a lot of money from both sides, and had many wondering if a Democrat could pull the upset and fill the job once held by Gerald Ford. Though the numbers fluctuated throughout the evening, that didn't happen and the 32-year-old incumbent got the victory.

Amash, who has strong Tea Party support talked about compromise and doing the right thing regardless of the party line, saying  "today was a day when the people of the 3rd district voted to send someone who was independent" to Washington.

Words and sentiment that may surprise those who had labeled Amash "Mr. No."