Using food, music and games the Adopt a Block organization works to unite a community. For 10 years, the group has been holding a street party in the Black Hills neighborhood.

"Good for Black Hills. Good for the community," said Santiago Bruno, who lives in the area.

Neighbors, like Deisy Madrigal, say the event helps them get to know who's living next door.

"It brings a lot of the sense of the community and you look out for your neighbors when your coming together and getting to know each other. And then you kind of look out for each other," said Madrigal.

Because of the street party people say there's a growing feeling of pride.

Some, at the event, have been living in the neighborhood most of their adult lives.

"I have some beautiful neighbors. The neighborhood has changed for the very good, the very, very good," said Former President of the Black Hills Neighborhood Association Judy Rose.

During the street party, Rose was honored for her commitment to the Black Hills area. People in Grand Rapids may recognize the name. Rose fought to create the city's nudity ordinance.