Below are some questions we have recieved on our Facebook page that we wanted to answer:


Viewer: “I would rather lose FOX than have my bill go up.” Tribune just wants to squeeze DirecTV for money that would get passed to subscribers. What are you asking for and how much would it raise my rates?”

Fox CT: We asked for less than a penny per day per subscriber. Since you’re already being charged by DirecTV, there’s no reason DirecTV should increase your bill to compensate us fairly. DirecTV has never given us money for carrying Fox CT. They pay other broadcasters and we’ve asked for a similarly-fair deal.

Viewer: “I don’t think DirecTV should pay a penny for local stations. Local stations should be free. If you’re telling us to go get an antenna for free, why should DirecTV pay you?”

Fox CT: At the local level, Fox CT incurs the increasing costs of developing original programming, buying high-quality syndicated shows, expanding news, and airing live sporting events like baseball -- all without compensation from DirecTV. That’s simply not fair, especially since they charge you for local stations. What we’ve asked for amounts to less than a penny per day, per subscriber. Since DirecTV already charges you for local channels, we don’t know why you should see an increase in your monthly bill.

Viewer: “DirecTV said Tribune made them take the stations down. Why can’t you stay on the air while you work this out with DirecTV?”

Fox CT: By federal law, DirecTV cannot carry our local stations without an agreement in place. We believe it’s unfair to let DirecTV continue retransmitting our shows without compensation, given the increasing costs of developing original programming, buying high-quality syndicated shows, expanding news, and airing live sporting events.

Viewer:“What about this? Any comment on this? ‘As of Thursday, March 29th, we had a handshake deal for their channels and they reneged on their offer.’ ”

Fox CT: The truth is that we NEVER had a deal with DirecTV, handshake or otherwise, on Thursday or any other day. Look at DirecTV’s history in these types of negotiations. They put their subscribers in the middle. Just three months ago, blackouts threatened NFL playoffs and Golden Globes.

Viewer: “DirecTV says they’ve ‘always compensated Tribune and have agreed to all of their demands for cash payments going forward.’ Who is lying?”

Fox CT: DirecTV is trying to confuse you by mixing up your local station, Fox CT, and WGN America, our national cable network. DirecTV has never paid us for carrying Fox CT, although we have received payment for WGN America.

Thank you for all the input you have supplied. Please continue to use our Facebook page to ask questions and for the latest updates Text DIRECTV to 37798 to receive updates on the status of FOX and WCCT-TV on DirecTV. *You may receive up to 10 msgs per week. Text STOP to 37798 to end subscription. Text HELP to 37798 for info. Standard message and data rates apply.