Samuel Adams Brewery Tour


There's usually something brewing in Boston, but, on Germania Street, there's something brewing all day. That's because American beer maker Samuel Adams, the Boston Beer with the patriotic poster boy, offers tours of their working brewery. Each year, tens of thousands of visitors travel through the iconic brewery, started by Jim Koch 25 years ago, to learn the secret to bottling success -- for starters, the hosts stress that Samuel Adams was no "Joe Six Pack". "He was a brewer and a patriot, and we love him because he's a symbol of independence" said Master Brewer Grant Wood, a 15 year vet of the company.

The tour begins with a jaunt through what could be called the "Tunnel of Suds", a curved enclosure adorned with lights and memorabilia that leads to the actual working brewery. The tour is a hands-on experience which involves the building blocks of beer, our tour guide, Betsy, told us "beer is actually a pretty simple recipe, its water, its hops, barley, and yeast." Grant Wood added, "I think people come here to the tour in Boston because it's so close up, you get to see the people really working.''

Samuel Adams may not be the biggest brewery in the world but they are among the busiest, they currently make 25 varieties of beer. Wood said "there are a couple (beers) that are neat because you can only get them here in Boston and that's a really great reason to come here because you just never know what you're going get." Many of those flavors are offered at the favorite stop on the tour, the tasting room, where guests get a complementary tasting glass and three samples of various brews. "There's a lot of science and crazy stuff that you wouldn't think of," said Elizabeth Wood, visiting the brewery from a nearby Boston neighborhood. Wood toasted that sentiment saying, "we celebrate that beer culture and even if you don't like beer it's an interesting tour, it tells you a little about history." Wood added, "it's a fascinating combination of art and science."

The Samuel Adams Brewery Tour is offered Monday through Saturday and is free to the public. They ask for a two dollar donation for local Boston charities at the door. Kids are welcome, if you're curious, they get root beer in the tasting room. The Brewery is located at 30 Germania Street, Boston... For more information click on

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