Big Tech Week Ahead, CES and Apple Poised Make News

The first week of the year is a hectic one in the tech world. Not because of Christmas returns, but it’s the time when many manufacturers show off what they plan to bring out in the first part of the year. 

The huge success story of 2010 is the catalyst for many of the announcements at the Consumer Electronics show this week in Las Vegas. Apple easily sold more than eight million iPads.  It resurrected the stagnant market segment and made more than one company promise their own  tablet computer. However only one was released last year could be considered a competitor, the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Smaller than the iPad, the Galaxy Tab  had plenty of good features, including the ability to watch videos using Adobe Flash. What it lacks is a full featured App store. It’s also a little pricey, but Verizon has a deal for you, cutting the price to $499 to compete. If you ought one in the last two weeks, they’ll refund the difference.  

Vizio, makers of HDTVs that dominate the low end of the market place, showed off a new tablet in an ad during the Rose Bowl. There’s  not a lot of details yet , but given their track record, it could shake up things for people looking for bargain tablets.  Expect wifi - not 3G mobile, dual cameras and an HDMI output this summer. 

Also expected in Las Vegas are new HDTVs with internet capability, and larger screens. We might see internet capable appliances. Just what you want, email from your washer as it finishes the spin cycle. 

But for all the new product announcements coming from Las Vegas, Apple won’t be staying quiet.  The App store expands to cover non portable devices on Thursday. You’ll be able to download applications for Apple computers directly from Apple’s site. No more going to the mall and bringing home the package. Apple promises easier program updates and the ability put the applications on multiple computers. Hopefully, it will go better than the iPhone alarms which didn’t go off this weekend, but were supposed to be right on Monday. sns-ap-us-apple-iphone-glitch

The bottom line? What happens in Vegas this week won’t be staying in Vegas. It’ll be showing up in stores and your home all year long. 

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