Who Are They? Stories About The Victims Of Friday's Shootings

Silk roses imprinted with photos of those killed in Friday's shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School were stapled to a telephone pole in the center of Sandy Hook Monday. (Cloe Poisson)

Everyone who met Dylan fell in love with him. His beaming smile would light up any room and his laugh was the sweetest music. He loved to cuddle, play tag every morning at the bus stop with our neighbors, bounce on the trampoline, play computer games, watch movies, the color purple, seeing the moon and eating his favorite foods, especially chocolate. He was learning to read and was so proud when he read us a new book every day. He adored his big brother Jake, his best friend and role model.

There are no words that can express our feeling of loss. We will always be a family of four, as though Dylan is no longer physically with us, he is forever in our hearts and minds. We love you Mister D, our special gorgeous angel.

Madeleine F. Hsu, Age 6

Madeleine Hsu was a shy and quiet 6-year-old — but she would light up around dogs.

Karen Dryer, who lived on the same street as the Hsu family, would see Madeleine's mom waiting for her at the bus stop at 3:15 every afternoon. Dryer would wait too, for her son Logan, who is in kindergarten. Dryer usually brought the family's golden retriever with her.

"She would come off the bus and her face would light up when she saw the dog," Dryer said.

Madeleine was among the youngest victims in Newtown. She had just turned six in July, meaning just five victims were born after her.

Her mom would give her a big squeeze, and Madeleine would hug her little sister. "She was just an absolute doll," Dryer said. "She seemed very shy, but she was just so sweet."

Dryer described Hsu as a "very upbeat and kind" girl who favored bright dresses.

There wasn't much information readily available about Hsu. Attempts to reach her family and neighbors in Sandy Hook were unsuccessful. Dr. Matthew Belsmid, who was at the Hsu house on Saturday, told the Associated Press that Hsu's family did not want to comment.

Memorial Web pages appeared on Facebook and Legacy.com, but they didn't appear to be connected to Hsu's family. Instead, they showed the way that these tragedies can impact people a world away. Condolences were offered from across the country, with words of comfort sent to Sandy Hook from as far away as South Africa, the Phillippines and Israel.

The only publicly visible online comment that seemed to come from Hsu's family came in the form of a hauntingly simple photograph.

A Facebook account belonging to Arline Arnold, believed to be related to Hsu, had its profile picture changed on Friday night to show a young girl smiling brightly. In the picture, a pink bow in the young girl's hair matched the pink sweater she wore.

Several people offered their condolences to Hsu's family. A commenter named Christen posted to the account on Saturday night, calling Hsu "a beautiful little soul who was very loved, full of life and I know will be missed dearly by all who knew her."

-- Washington Post; Associated Press

Catherine V. Hubbard, Age 6

Besides her red hair, Catherine Violet Hubbard's most striking characteristic was her love of animals. She wanted to protect and care for them — an ambition the first-grader is fulfilling even in death.

In lieu of flowers, Catherine's parents, Jennifer and Matthew Hubbard, have asked people to donate money to the Animal Center, the Newtown animal shelter. The center is pooling the donations submitted in Catherine's name and will plan a project to honor her, according to Harmony Verna, the director of the center's board.

Verna said members of Catherine's family had adopted animals from the shelter in the past.

"We are so touched and warmed that this family could reach through their grief to do something for us," Verna said. "This little girl wanted to grow up to be a veterinarian, and these donors are helping make that dream come true in some way."