Who Are They? Stories About The Victims Of Friday's Shootings

Silk roses imprinted with photos of those killed in Friday's shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School were stapled to a telephone pole in the center of Sandy Hook Monday. (Cloe Poisson)

"Silly Caroline" Previdi had an infectious grin and a giving heart.

Karen Dryer, a neighbor, remembered how six-year-old Caroline would ride the bus with her son, Logan, when he got scared. She'd sit with him, make sure he felt safe, and play peek-a-boo over the seat to distract him.

"My son refers to her as 'Silly Caroline,'" said Dryer, who is still wrestling with how to talk to her son about the shootings. "She's just a girl that was always smiling, always wanting others to smile."

"Caroline Phoebe Previdi was a blessing from God and brought joy to everyone she touched," her parents, Jeff and Sandy Previdi, said in a statement. "We know that she is looking down on us from Heaven."

Previdi once went by the nickname "Boo" because she looked so much like the little girl from the movie "Monsters, Inc.," said one family friend, who declined to be named.

"She was a total sweetheart. She was adorable," the family friend said.

Another friend who lives in the Newtown area said Caroline loved gymnastics. "She was a spunky little girl. She had fire to her," the woman said.

"It's a warm, loving family," said Catherina Mola, who lives across the street from the Previdis. "It's senseless."

"We're a pretty close neighborhood," Mola added.

On Saturday morning, before all the victims' names became public, some who knew Caroline remembered her on Twitter. "R.I.P Caroline Previdi. You were a very sweet little girl and we will all miss you dearly. #PrayersForNewtown," tweeted Paige Tremblay.

-- Brian Dowling; Washington Post; Associated Press

Jessica Rekos, Age 6

In a pale pink polo dress, 6-year-old Jessica Rekos's grayish-blue eyes beam into the camera lens. Her arm is wrapped around her younger brother, who has the same eyes.

"They are absolute clones of you guys" says a Facebook friend, commenting on the photo Jessica's mother, Krista Lehman Rekos, posted Nov. 9.

In another family photo taken from Cape Cod, she stands in the back with her hand on her mother's shoulder as her family sits in the sand.

Condolences poured in for the Rekos family, who posted photos of Jessica in her honor, including one where she is in the arms of a relative, wearing a princess's tiara.

In a statement to the Washington Post on Sunday, Jessica's parents Krista and Rich said their daughter "loved everything about horses."

"She devoted her free time to watching horse movies, reading horse books, drawing horses and writing stories about horses. We had promised her she could have her very own horse when she turned 10. She asked Santa for new cowgirl boots and a cowgirl hat," her parents said in the statement.

Jessica was the Rekos's first born and they said she enjoyed being the big sister to her two little brothers, Travis and Shane. Jessica loved doing research on Orca whales, one of her passions after seeing the movie "Free Willy" last year. In October, she got a chance to visit Sea World and see a live Orca. She spent time, her family said, writing in her journals and making up stories.

Jessica, her family said, "started our family, and she was our rock."