Adam Lanza's mother was shot multiple times in the head, the state's medical examiner confirmed Sunday.

Authorities say Lanza then went on a rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School Friday, killing 20 children and six adults. Lanza, 20, shot himself once in the head, the medical examiner said. Nancy Lanza was found in her bed.

The nation continued to mourn Sunday for the dead. People came from around Connecticut and out of state to pay their respects at a makeshift memorial. Preparations also continued for a visit from President Obama Sunday night.

Kerry Stewart came from West Hartford with his wife, Mary Lynn, and daughter, Grace.

"We just felt, as a family, we wanted to come down," he said. Stewart is a teacher at the prison in Newtown. His wife is a school nurse.

"You just want to go home and hug your kid," he said.

Mary Lynn looked at the bells hung from a large pine tree, one that was strung with lights for Christmas. Each bell had the name of a victim, and said "Angel at 6" or "angel at 7."

"Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings," Mary Lynn said to Grace, quoting "It's a Wonderful Life."

Barbara McDonald came from Waterbury with her sister and her niece to pay respects to the victims.

"My daughter is petrified to go to school tomorrow," McDonald said. She told the 9-year-old to "just pray," she said. McDonald and her sister, Nadia Facey, are both paraprofessionals in Waterbury schools.

"I'm here because I just feel like I need to be here. I can't describe it," said Trish Blazi of Middlebury, wiping tears from her eyes.

Blazi said she would have gotten to Sandy Hook sooner if she wasn't glued to the TV.

"These poor parents. Once this town has emptied out ... Right now, the support of the whole country is around them," she said. "When that's gone, what do you do?"

People continued to arrive at the memorial even as the rain picked up. Golden retrievers from the Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry arrived just before 11 a.m.

Prince and Barnabas are trained comfort dogs at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Portage, Indiana.

"We're here to give some emotional support," handler Dan Fulkerson said. "Wherever we're needed, we go."

At around noon, State Police spokesman Lt. J. Paul Vance, said that investigators were still at the sceene of the shooting and that he had nothing new to report.

"We have recovered some evidence that is being analyzed," Vance said, adding that he hoped to release more information by Sunday afternoon.

Vance, who said that investigators had also begun releasing cars parked at the school to their owners after examining them, also warned that anyone using social media to pose as the shooter or mimick the crime could be breaking state or federal laws.

"These issues are crimes that will be prosecuted," he said.