Peter Marteka covers the town of Glastonbury for The Hartford Courant. As a multimedia reporter, I try to communicate with my readers in a variety of ways including the print newspaper edition, the Glastonbury homepage on, Twitter and Facebook. In addition to stories, be sure to check out my videos and photo galleries. He also writes the award-winning “Nature” column that runs each Sunday. Each week, he explores a preserve or state park – something off the beaten path – and brings that to readers in a column along with a photo gallery that runs online.

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Peter Marteka

Peter Marteka

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Hatch A Plan To Visit East Haddam Preserve

July 4, 2015

When you see a red-tailed hawk soaring and screeching above you, chances are you are approaching an rocky overlook. If you approach a monarch butterfly floating in the air, chances are there is a meadow filled with milkweed and wildflowers nearby.