Chris and Caitlin waiting to see Santa!

Chris and Caitlin waiting to see Santa! (November 17, 2012)

Monday, October 24
Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I'm starting to get used to these sunny fall weekends. I think we've definitely taken advantage of the weather, having done a lot of pumpkin picking/fall festival going, etc. On Sunday, we went to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus at the Roanoke Civic Center. I think the kids enjoyed the "pre-game" festivities as much as the show itself! Chris was fascinated with the man on stilts, and had fun trying some tightrope walking himself (not too far off the ground). 
It's been a busy day in the newsroom. We started off the day following up on the reported bomb threat situation at Southern Virginia University in Rockbridge County. The campus was temporarily placed on lockdown, but re-opened later. All classes are now running as usual. Two people were questioned, but were later released.
We'll of course, have the latest on that story coming up today on News 7 at Noon.
And one more note, now that the weather is getting cooler, feel free to email me your suggestions for fun holiday activities and/or gifts for the family that won't break the bank. Send them to me at

Monday, October 17
I am still smiling after such a beautiful fall weekend!! And it was the quintessential October weekend for me.  On Friday, I worked a half-day and went on my son Chris' first grade field trip to Ikenberry Orchards in Daleville. It's a bit of a drive to get there, but it is so worth it!  The sky was blue and the leaves were colorful. The kids enjoyed getting "schooled" about growing apples and pumpkins. But the best part, as always, was the haywagon ride.  I'm happy to say we got to ride ANOTHER wagon yesterday at Sinkland Farms in Riner, for our annual family trip to the pumpkin patch. That's right...two haywagon rides in three days.  So much fun!!! Yes, I know you can buy a pumpkin pretty much anywhere, but there's nothing like riding out to a field and plucking one from the patch.

Speaking of pumpkins, join us for News 7 at Noon today for a look at an 1,800 pound pumpkin in Oregon. Can't imagine how tough that was to carve!
Tuesday, October 11
Hi there!  If you haven't gotten your flu shot yet, now is the time. As I write this, I am sniffling and sneezing with what I am pretty sure is the beginning of a cold. Ugh! 
Despite that, I do love this time of year.  We had a great time last Saturday at the Vinton Fall Festival, one of many happening last weekend.  This coming weekend I think we're going to head to the pumpkin patch. Besides being lots of fun, they are the perfect backdrops for those beloved family photos.
Coming up Thursday on News 7 Mornin,  "Early Years" will feature a live interview with parenting expert Decca Knight, who is launching some new courses with the "Love and Logic" curriculum.  If you have any specific questions for Decca, feel free to email me at 

Friday, September 30
Happy weekend to you.  It's going to be a cold one!  I'm trying to decide between making a big pot of chili or homemade chicken noodle soup. It's definitely a weekend to make something warm! And if you're heading out to either high school football tonight or a college game tomorrow, dress warmly.  Leo says it's only going to be in the 50s for highs this weekend.
Cooler weather also means cold and flu season will be here soon, and most everyone is recommended to get their flu shot.
Next Thursday on "Early Years" on News 7 Mornin', we'll speak live to Carilion pediatrician Dr. John Moore about the need to schedule your children (and yourself) for the flu shot, as well as the differences between a cold and the flu.  Parents need to know the facts when it comes to whether their child is too sick to go to school.