Chris and Caitlin waiting to see Santa!

Chris and Caitlin waiting to see Santa! (November 17, 2012)

Hello! Back today after a wonderful vacation... we took the kids to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg last weekend as a final little getaway before the start of school. We had a great time with my best friend and our families!  The park is so huge, you really need several days there to do everything.  I am ready to go back!  However, I'm not much of a roller coaster person. DaVinci's Cradle was about as rough a ride as I am willing to get on...
Yesterday, just as many other parents are doing, I sent my little one off back to school.  My son is now in 2nd grade, and I am happy to report that he LOVES his new teacher!  Fingers crossed for a great school year. 
Tuesday, August 14
Greetings from (almost) vacationland! I will be off for a week after today's noon newscast! Going to enjoy the last few days of summer break before my son Chris heads back to school next week. We have all of his school supplies, but he still needs to pick out that all-important back pack. And he's getting his back to school hair cut this week, too...Got to look sharp for 2nd grade! 
I'll be off, but this Thursday on WDBJ 7 Mornin', our Early Years segment will feature some healthy ideas for the school lunch box. Be sure to tune in, and I will see you when I get back!
Thursday, August 9
Hello! The first group of school systems in our area to go back to school headed back yesterday. So, I suppose that means summer is ending. Part of me is ready for things to get back to normal, but the other part will miss afternoons at the pool and seeing the ice cream truck at my daughter's preschool every week.  
On WDBJ7 Mornin', we ran my back to school round-up story on various changes for several school systems. Those include price increases for school lunch in  Roanoke County (10 cents) and Lynchburg (25 cents).  Also, this might be the last year for Roanoke county schools to start the year before Labor Day, because of the relatively mild winters we've been seeing.
I am looking forward to my son getting his full green belt in karate tomorrow night!  He started taking the classes last September, and has really grown with it.  Martial arts do a lot to teach self-control and discipline in kids, which are things that many of them struggle to learn. 
If you have any back to school story ideas, or education questions you'd like me to find answers to, feel free to drop me an email anytime at

Friday, August 3
Wow! Where has the summer gone??? I think many of us are asking that question, especially as we see all the Back to School ads start popping up on TV and the Web.
Don't forget to shop for those school supplies and new school clothes this weekend. Beginning today, the Virginia Sales Tax Holiday will run through Sunday.  You don't have to pay the five percent state tax on school supplies that cost under $20.00 each and clothing that costs under $100.00. We parents have to take advantage of those savings when we can!! I will be out there shopping for my son Christopher's second grade school supplies, too. Can't believe he's already that big...
We are also heading into the busy "activity" season. Chris has just started soccer (which he loves!) and then next month, my daughter will start taking dance classes. Of course, they fall on the same weekday. Plus, Chris also takes karate. I now have a new appreciation for all moms who have been juggling activities for years. How do you gals do it?  I suppose it's all about time management, and staying very organized.
Hope you enjoy your weekend. There's plenty to do. Steppin' Out gets under way today in Blacksburg. I will be out there tomorrow morning at our WDBJ 7 tent. Come by and say hello!

Tuesday, June 26
Greetings from post-vacationland!  It was a great week and a day off..definitely feel like my battery is re-charged.  My family and I spent last week enjoying the Outer Banks of North Carolina. That was the first time I had ever been there. If you have been there before, you know how gorgeous it is!  We spent a good deal of time playing on the beach, but we also kept busy seeing the sights.  There is no way to see and do everything in just a week, but we sure tried!  We took the kids to see the Wright Brothers Memorial and Museum in Kill Devil Hills, near where we were staying. We also took them on a Pirate Adventures cruise aboard the Sea Gypsy. They had a great time searching for treasure and spraying water on the naughty Pirate Pete! On Thursday, we took a Hummer trip to Corolla to see the famous wild horses.  We did see several horses among the dunes, which were fun to ride over...just very glad I wasn't driving!! Manteo and Roanoke Island offered a lot of great shopping and historical sites. We checked out the huge shark exhibit at the NC Aquarium on Roanoke fun!  Again, you can't possible see everything on the islands in just a week, so we're planning to go there again next summer!